Cello's Birth Chart

Cello is a queer astrologer who uses the ancient tradition of Hellenistic Astrology in combination with the soul-focused cosmology of Evolutionary Astrology. She has been studying astrology since her early teens, first approaching astrology as a form of psychology and personality analysis. In those early years, she worked with friends and family to learn their charts and gain understanding through direct observation and research. Since then, Cello has studied many different forms of astrology, and has found that every tradition of astrology offers opportunity for insight; that astrology in all forms is both an art and a science, a divinatory tool and a launching pad for self-betterment. She's learned that the best technique an astrologer can hone is the ability to listen because each chart represents a unique manifestation of the universe that needs to be heard. 

Cello's perspective of the stars recognizes the reality of suffering and trauma that occurs in all of our lives, as well as our deep need for true joy. She braids these two necessary components of life into a practice that develops a stronger relationship with the authentic self. Cello's main desire in working with clients and students is to offer new dimensions of insight and awareness, to offer a language of empowerment and recognition.

Presently, Cello is proud to serve on the Steering Committee for the Association for Astrological Networking otherwise known as AFAN. She is also delighted to work with MoonHaven School of Magic as an instructor and astrologer.

Aura Photo by Belle Star Aura Photography

Aura Photo by Belle Star Aura Photography