Hi. My name is Cello Carpenter-Pierce and I am a queer astrologer.

I use the ancient tradition of Hellenistic Astrology in combination with the soul-focused cosmology of Evolutionary Astrology, and am lucky to serve on the Steering Committee for the Association for Astrological Networking otherwise known as AFAN. I am also delighted to work with MoonHaven School of Magic as an instructor and astrologer.

My formal education in astrology is through Chris Brennan’s Astrology School, Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals, and Sabrina Monarch’s Immersion course. Before I formally studied under these professionals, I had been studying astrology on my own since my early teens, more than ten years ago. I first approached astrology as a form of psychology and personality analysis. In those early years, I engaged my education with friends and family to learn charts and gain understanding through direct observation. As I learned more about the human experience, I found that psychological astrology offered only a single layer to a person’s life. By understanding the ancient timing techniques of Hellenistic Astrology and following my curiosity to understand the very modern soul-focused correlations of Evolutionary Astrology, I began to see charts in full color.

I have found that every tradition of astrology offers opportunity for insight; that astrology in all forms is both an art and a science, a divinatory tool and a launching pad for self-betterment.

Ultimately, I seek to serve those who wonder about their life. If you feel lost, unseen, or uncertain, I know that astrology can offer deep nurturing insights for you (as it has for me). Receiving an astrological reading can validate your experience and identify the path that you are on. With an astrologer (like me), you have an opportunity to access a road map to your life, to feel your experience through another person’s eyes, and to get re-acclimated with yourself.

As an astrologer, I have spent years learning about myself, seeking healing, and listening to other people. I am not just qualified with education, but also with countless life experiences that have led me down this path. If you are ready to discover yourself, to commit to learning the truth of you, then nothing stands in the way of the meaningful connection we can create together.

I look forward to meeting you.



Aura Photo by Belle Star Aura Photography

Aura Photo by Belle Star Aura Photography